6 Times Celebrities Acted Like Toddlers

Plus, here’s your first sneak peek of Frankie Grande’s #WorstPostEver!!!

By Valerie Williams

Celebrities. They’re just like us. No, wait. Most of us are grown adults who know that if we don’t act our age, we could lose our jobs. For some famous folks, acting like tantrum-throwing toddlers when they don’t get their way only gains them more notoriety and fame. Giggle along at the babyish behavior below and watch WORST POST EVER: With Frankie Grande on Aug. 18.

1. Kanye West: "Don't Talk To Me. Don't Talk To Anyone I Know."

Kanye West is well-known for getting upset with the paparazzi for invading his life, as he probably has a right to. We wonder if he fully considered how marrying one of the most press-generating women in the world would affect his life. Regardless, he's kind of stuck now. Kanye takes his frustration with photogs to a whole other level of toddlerly rage in this video, which is a segment from Oxygen's upcoming special called WORST.POST.EVER: With Frankie Grande. Does the video of Kanye telling the paparazzi to stop talking to him remind you of anyone? Maybe someone standing about three feet tall?

2. Justin Bieber Peeing In A Mob Bucket

Things not going your way at work? You probably just take a step back, breathe a little, and return. Focused and mature, ready to participate calmly amid any struggles. And that is because you clearly are not Bill O’Reilly, who famously handled a glitch in the teleprompter with all the grace, charm and patience of a 2-year-old. Here he is, in all of his man-baby glory.

4. Alec Baldwin Not Containing His Emotions

Ain’t no tantrum like an Alec Baldwin tantrum cuz an Alec Baldwin tantrum….is pretty much a weekly event. There are countless tales (and sometimes, if the Gods are smiling on us, accompanying video) of Alec freaking out. Who could forget the time he left his young daughter a voicemail calling her a “rude pig”? He has very little self-control and often lets his toddler temper get the best of him. Here he is, in his usual state of not containing his emotions very well. Exactly what one might expect from someone not yet out of Pull-Ups.

5. Russell Crowe Walking Out On The BBC

Russell Crowe is notorious for his short temper but his most memorable incident wasn't caught on video. Unable to get a phone call out to his wife at a hotel, he went to the front desk and threw the phone at an employee. Hear Russell walk out on a BBC interview in the video above. 

6. Britney Spears Attacking The Paparazzi With An Umbrella

Oh, Britney. The number of times she’s acted like a toddler in public surely numbers in the dozens, but a few stick out in particular. Walking into a gas station barefoot, anyone? Attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella in all of her shaved-headed glory? All things not exactly becoming of a grown adult. Luckily, Britney has turned it all around in recent years and is by all accounts a great mom and actual grown-up, but we will never forget her toddler moments of yesteryear.

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