6 Times Nicki Minaj Was A Total Sweetheart

Role model Barbie.

They say every rose has its thorn, right? Well, some thorns also have a whole lot of roses, too. Despite Nicki Minaj's reputation of being rudely outspoken and boldly opinionated (when she's in her feels), she's also shown us that she has an incredibly sweet side. Coming out of not one but two public breakups, there's no better time to remind us all that you can be a boss b*tch, say what you want, net worth  $70 million, and still be a sweetheart even when you could obviously choose to be a d*ck.

Here are six times Nicki Minaj was a sweetheart.

1. . Playing Nice With Beyoncé

After a successful collaborative remix of Beyoncè’s "Flawless," the duo decided to take another swing at being a positive example of female friendship and teamed up to record "Feeling Myself" for Minaj’s third album, The Pinkprint. Minaj opened up about the recording process in an interview with Time about the commanilities between herself and Beyoncé in the studio: “I always feel like I learn so much when I work with her. I don’t normally work with people like me. I’m always the one feeling like I’m a lunatic,” Minaj laughs. “Like I’m over-thinking everything. But she’s very, very hands-on. So whenever I work with her, I feel maybe I’m not so bad after all.”

2. . Encouraging Young Fans To Stay In School

Nicki Minaj credits her alma mater, LaGuardia High School for changing her life, and even though LaGuardia denied her request to return to speak to current students (ostensibly due to a “scheduling conflict” though widely assumed to be a result of the R-rated lyrical content of her music), Minaj has made it clear on more than one occasion that staying in school is the sh*t.

3. . Apologizing to Lil Kim

The feud between Nicki and Lil Kim goes way back, but back in 2008, Minaj apologized in an interview with KING Magazine for copying Kim’s signature “squat” pose. “It was too soon for that,” Minaj said, “not even too soon--it was unnecessary.” Though the two artists continue to feud about “identity theft," Nicki took a swing at starting off on the right foot… well, two feet… with her knees spread.

4. . Raising Money for AIDS Research

In 2012, Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin were chosen to represent MAC’s Viva Glam campaign, with 100%of the lip line sales donated to the fight against HIV and AIDS. The Viva Glam campaign has raised $270 million since 1994. The Global Executive Director of the MAC AIDS Fund said Nicki’s star power plus her public track record of speaking out about HIV (Minaj’s uncle died of AIDS in Trinidad) made her the perfect choice to front the campaign.

5. . Being Vocally Independent

Nicki grew up with an alcoholic, abusive father. From the outset as a public figure, she has been incredibly vocal about the importance of being financially independent as a woman and making relationship choices based on the quality of someone’s character rather than the quantity in their wallet.

6. . She Gets Political

Minaj has spoken out about police brutality against people of color, in particular drawing attention to the death of Sandra Bland who died in police custody. She also took a big o'l swing at Melenia Trump at a Tidal event in October for not being the kind of strong, powerful woman traditionally suited for The White House. In April, she dedicated her performance of Anaconda to Donald Trump, subbing his names in for part of the song’s lyrics.


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