6 Ways Pets Are Just Like Us

Warning: lots of adorable ahead.

By Kat George

As it turns out, we’re not so different from our pets. In The Secret Life Of Pets, which will be in theaters July 8, animal pals turn out to be very similar to us humans—and that’s not just movie magic. Here are six animals behaving like us (warning: lots of adorable ahead).

1. They LOL at jokes


Jokes aren’t just for humans. This dog heard one and couldn’t stop laughing.

2. They use their “hands” to eat

If you thought all pets just stuck their faces in the food bowl and lapped up food with their tongue you’d be sorely mistaken. Pets, just like us, sometimes scoop their food out with their “hands” (paws) and eat like humans.

3. They totally hang ten

As the saying goes: anything humans can do, pets can do better! That includes skateboarding, skimboarding and surfing.

 4. They spoon when they’re sleeping

Not all humans are spooners, but most people probably do enjoy a good cuddle in a snuggly place from time to time. This pet cat and its pig accomplice are all about the spoon, and as the cat (big spoon), strokes the pig (little spoon), it’s clear that our pets are more like us than we give them credit for.

5. Sometimes they just wanna dance

Sometimes when you hear a good beat, you’ve just gotta get up and dance. Our pets have that exact same impulse.

6. They overindulge

Just like their humans, our pets can’t say no to dessert. This GIF is from a scene in the upcoming The Secret Life of Pets—in theaters July 8.

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