7 Amazing Pieces of Aaliyah Fan Art On the 14th Anniversary of Her Death

"RIP Baby Girl"

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Fourteen years ago today, the world of R&B lost someone truly unforgettable. At the age of 22, Aaliyah Haughton was killed when the small plane she was traveling in crashed soon after takeoff. The singer was in the Bahamas, filming the video for "Rock the Boat." Her death came as a shock to the not only the music industry, but the entire world.

In the years since Aaliyah's passing, fans have taken to social media, and to their sketchbooks, to show their love for a singer who was truly one in a million.

This Work-in-Progress

The Vibe 2011 Cover

This may be unfinished, but it's already impressive.

Sure, it's not exactly fan art, but the 2011 cover of Vibe honored Aaliyah with a dope illustrated cover.


British designer Hadyen Williams was inspired by the #AaliyahforMac campaign and created this wonderful artwork to help the cause.

Aaliyah as a Fashion Icon

#Aaliyah 14th Anniversary by Hayden Williams #Aaliyah14Years

A photo posted by Hayden Williams (@hayden_williams) on

Hayden Williams also drew up this wonderful piece in honor of the 14th anniversary of Aaliyah's passing.

This Pencil Portrait

This Twitter Portrait

This Awesome Instagram Art

Instagram user the royceproject posted this beautiful piece with the caption "RIP Baby Girl."




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