Amber Rose's 7 Most Fiercely Feminist Moments

Amber Rose is the unlikely feminist force for the new generation.

By Kat George

Amber Rose is the unlikely, fierce feminist force for a new generation of bold women leading the charge for sexual equality. She debuted in the public eye as somebody's curvy girlfriend and a tabloid mark, but she's now onto greater heights. Her brand of feminism fully embraces what Ariel Levy dubbed “raunch culture” in 2005, and demands that female sexuality doesn’t instantly equate with female objectification. She’s unapologetic in her opinions, loud, proud, and isn’t afraid to get in your face whether it’s her SlutWalk activism or her salty social media jabs at patriarchy and slut shaming.

If you’re not well acquainted with Rose’s feminism, you should be: she’s the one defending your right to exercise your sexuality with impunity. Women’s issues, of course, are broader than just reproductive and sex rights. For instance, we’re still battling for equal pay and representation in the upper echelons of corporations and governments. Rose’s defense of sexploitation plays into that to a degree: the sooner we stop reducing women to their sex, the sooner we can start to appreciate them as dynamic, powerful individuals, capable of being sexy as well as smart, funny and successful professionally.

Even though this isn't an exhaustive list of Amber Rose's immense and ongoing contributions to gender equality, here are some of her most iconic, fierce, fist-pump worthy feminist moments to get you started:

1. When She Made This “Walk Of No Shame” Video

Amber Rose flipped the script on the "walk of shame" with this video for "Funny Or Die", where her "walk of shame" becomes a joyful morning celebration in which bystanders tell her she's "living her best life" and "I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night." It applies the congratulatory attitude society has towards men who have sex to women, something that unfortunately is still rare in a world that stigmatizes female promiscuity.

2. When She And Her Mom Marched Slut Walk Together

Now the face of Slut Walk, an annual protest that occurs in cities across the world where women march against slut shaming and rape culture, Rose is a fierce leader. But she may never have been so fierce as when she walked side-by-side with her mother, Dorothy, who carried a sign that read “F*ck Yo 30 Showers”, a pointed dig at her daughter’s ex Kanye West, who infamously said that after sleeping with Rose he “had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim." There’s nothing more wonderfully terrifying than a mother with a daughter scorned by a misogynist pig.

3. When She Stood Up For Kim Kardashian


Refusing to play into the “competitive female” stereotype, Rose is totally down with her ex, Kanye West’s, partner, Kim Kardashian, despite West’s ongoing dragging of Rose in interviews and social media. Her compassion for Kim lends a whole new meaning to not allowing patriarchal manipulation to influence female relationships. Most recently, Rose stood up for Kim after Pink made some nasty passive aggressive comments about Kim’s nude selfie on social media. Taking to Instagram to defend Kim, she wrote, “Damn Pink we were all born naked society sexualizes our breast and bodies. If a grown mother of 2 is comfortable with her body and wants to show it off that's none of ur business or anyone else’s.”

4. When She And Her Entourage Made A Point At The VMAs

When Rose turned up to the MTV VMAs in 2015 with her entourage (including bestie Blacc Chyna), she managed to politicize what’s normally a fairly frivolous event. Decked out in sexy outfits emblazoned with the words of oppression (including “slut”, “fag”, “bitch” and “hoe”), Rose and her crew addressed the way in which language is used to shame both women and the LBGTQ community. Rose never misses an opportunity to make a point about freedom and sexuality, and how culturally, we’re not quite there yet.

5. When She Schooled Tyrese And Rev Run On Feminism

When you watch Rose get her back up when Tyrese tells her “there’s an energy you send out there” as a provocatively dressed woman that gives men the entitlement to “touch and grope you” on the It’s Not You, It’s Men show, you’ll get shivers down your spine. You can literally see the moment she decides to destroy this fool pass across her face, and she articulately and emphatically explains consent to him, and on no uncertain terms, shuts down the notion of “asking for it”.

6. When She Hosted A Panel For Larry King About Sexual Assault

Hosting a panel for Larry King, Rose declared “I’m raising my son to be a feminist.” With guests actor Matt McGorry, singer Frenchie Davis and sexual health specialist Dr. Jennifer Berman, Rose discusses sexual violence, feminism and the importance of educating boys, from a young age, about consent. Removing the onus from victims and placing it in the hands of not only offenders, but the society and culture that facilitates them, Rose’s “education first” philosophy is a perfect model for creating change.

7. When She Founded The Amber Rose Foundation For Women’s Empowerment


Of course, Amber Rose isn’t just about the glamorous events and talk shows, she’s a real activist and philanthropist. She founded the Amber Rose Foundation to “promote discussion about women’s rights and equality issues”. The Foundation organizes Amber Rose’s SlutWalk, and is dedicated to ending sexual violence against women.

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