7 Celebs Whose Stars Have Faded

Iggy who? Mackle what? 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Fame is a fickle friend. One day you're a trending topic, the next day people couldn't care less about your upcoming projects. Here are 7 celebs you were probably talking about last year, but whose names will now make you think, “Oh yeah, I forgot about them.”

1. Iggy Azalea

Iggy had her moment, but it seems the haters were right when they predicted it wouldn't last long. The Huffington Post even published this "in memoriam" video saying goodbye to Iggy's career. Sure, she hit the stage with Demi Lovato at the VMAs this year, and she's also engaged, but no one cares.

2. Eminem

Eminem is a product of another time period. Back in his heyday, his brand of misogyny and homophobia were tolerated, but that stuff just doesn't fly anymore. Yet, he's still trying it. Equality and not making light about violence against women is kind of in right now. Sorry?

3. Macklemore

Apparently it's not a good year to be a white rapper. Admit it - you haven't thought about Macklemore since "Same Love." That might all be about to change, though. Yesterday, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis reunited at the VMAs  after a lengthy hiatus, and their performance of "Downtown" was generally well-recieved. So it looks like Macklemore may be sick of sitting on the sidelines and is prepping to jump back into the game.

4. Robin Thicke

Mark this one under "probably for the best." Between having a hit single and peforming a very, um, memorable gig at the VMAs, 2013 was a good year for him. Since then, he has been plagued with rumors of infidelity, gone through a pretty public divorce from ex-wife Paula Patton, and hasn't quite managed to recreate the crossover popularity of "Blurred Lines," though his latest single, "Back Together," is a solid effort.

5. Robert Pattinson

Considering how much RPattz seems to hate fame, this is probably an intentional move on his part. Though he's been flying under the radar since his Twilight days, he has a ton of projects in the works, not to mention a wedding with fiance FKA Twigs. Is he poised for a comeback?

6. Soulja Boy

Wherefore art thou, Soulja Boy? Apparently having babiesI guess we'll have to get our dance move instructional songs from Silento now.

7. Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor was all set to become a staple in teen pop, but then one bad joke slammed the brakes on her popularity. I guess you can't make light of eating disorders and expect people to still be into you, especially if you're supposed to be all about loving your body for what it is.

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