7 Idiots Who Broke The Law And Got Busted Because Of Social Media

If you're going to rob a bank, don't hop on Facebook afterwards.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

First rule of being a petty criminal in this day and age: don't brag about your crimes on social media. Seriously, that never works out. Here are 7 people who didn't get the memo, and whose showing off on social media got them busted, big time.

1. This guy stole a car, robbed a bank, and made a YouTube video about it.

If you're going to steal a car and rob a bank, do not post a video about it on Youtube, especially not one where your face is plainly visible. You will get caught, and people will laugh at you.

2. This guy guy stole a cop car and bragged about it online. 

Michael Baker thought it would be funny to steal gas from a cop car, and have someone take a picture of him doing it while giving the camera the middle finger. Unsurprisingly, he got caught, because that's what happens when you steal from cops and then laugh about it online. 

3. This guy stole a guy's laptop and posted photos on his victim's son's Facebook.  

When Rodney Knight broke into the home of a journalist for The Washington Post, he stole a laptop, a winter coat, handfuls of cash, and a bunch of other stuff. He then used the laptop to take a photo of himself wearing the coat and holding the money. As if that wasn't enough, he then posted the photo onto the Facebook page of his victim's son (who was, presumably, still logged in on the laptop). Even the cops couldn't resist making fun of this fool: DC police officer Kyle Roe was quoted as saying "I've seen a lot, but this is the most stupid criminal I've ever seen." He got busted, obviously.

4. This guy robbed a bank and posted photos of the cash in his mouth.

After robbing a bank, this genius couple posted photos of themselves with wads of cash in their mouths on their shared Facebook page, proving that they truly did not have a lick of sense between them.

5. This guy commented on his "wanted" post. 

When wanted criminal Samuel Lake saw his mugshot posted on his local police department's Facebook page, he felt the need to leave a comment saying that he needed a new mugshot. The cops were feeling a little sassy themselves, and responded with "Come see us and we will arrange at no cost." Lake then said "If only they were as good at finding me as they were with comebacks." When the authorities tracked him down shortly after, Lake was probably wishing he had resisted the urge to get smart on FB.

6. This lady was pretty proud of riding an endangered sea turtle. 

If someone was going to abuse endangered animals, you'd think they'd at least be ashamed enough to hide it, but you would be wrong. After a photo of her attempting to ride a sea turtle went viral, Stephanie Moore was eventually arrested when cops bumped into her while responding to an unrelated domestic disturbance.

7This guy posted "You'll never catch me" on a police site.

When Roger Ray Ireland was featured on Anne Arundel County Police's Facebook page for "Wanted Wednesday," he decided to leave a comment taunting them: "Ya'll will never catch me." He was caught the next day. Karma moves quickly sometimes, huh?

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