7 Reasons Ciara Is The Most Underrated Woman In Pop Music

Stop sleeping on Ciara.


By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

From "Goodies" to "1,2 Step" to "Like a Boy," Ciara Princess Harris has been killing the game for over ten years now - and yet she remains slept on. Here are 7 reasons why Ciara needs more credit than she's given.

1. The woman can dance. 

There isn't one female artist in the game right now whose moves can match Ciara's. When it comes to dancing, Ciara just can't be beat. 

2. She has the hottest team-ups. 

From Missy Elliott to Justin Timberlake to Nicki Minaj, every time she teams up to do a song with someone, the result is fire. 

3. Her style is swoon-worthy.

Dress @DavidKomaLondon #DavidKoma

A photo posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

Ciara continuously slays every time she's photographed out and about. You have to hand it to her - she always looks amazing.

4. She's classy.

Lately, Ciara's exes have been running their mouths. Despite it all, she doesn't give in to the negativity and just continues to do her thing. 

5.  She's achieved longevity in the music industry.

Ciara has been around since "Goodies." Do you know how long ago that song came out? 2004, and she's still making music, more than ten years later.

6. Her music videos are good.

#DANCE With Me! #DanceLikeWereMakingLove

A video posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

Whether she's making a statement on double standards in relationships, or dancing around a mansion in beautiful gowns, Ciara's videos always give you something to talk about.

7. So is her actual music.

Ciara may not be able to belt like Beyonce, but her music isn't anything to sniff at. "Body Party" was the return to sexy, old school R&B that we didn't know we needed. 

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