7 Reasons #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies Is Everything

Black Twitter really nailed it this time.

Black Twitter is responsible for some of the best hashtags of all time, and they've done it again with the globally trending #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies. The memes it inspired are ridiculously relatable, totally hilarious, and right on time for the holiday season. Here are 7 reasons this hashtag is everything.

1. It's true.

Sorry grandma, but no one in here is trying to drive you half way across town when their food hasn't even digested yet.

2. . No, it's painfully true.

Otherwise known as that feeling when your mother betrays you and you end up with a room full of kids messing with your stuff. 

3. . It's hilarious.

If you say you've never done this, you're lying.

4. . It's proof that other people feel your pain.

Is there anything worse than not being able to sneak a power nap when you've got the itis because there's literally 20-something coats on your bed?

5. . Because everyone has a family member like this.

And then you're in for a lecture before you've even finished your food.

6. . And at least two uncles like this.

At least two - probably more.

7. . Because the struggle is real.

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