7 Reasons To Stop Sleeping On Matt McGorry

How is he not your #MCM already??

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Matt McGorry is a jerk- at least, on screen he is. Most people probably know him as the deplorable correctional officer Bennett, who had everyone wanting to punch their screens during Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black, or the obnoxious, irritating dudebro Asher Millstone on How To Get Away With Murder.

But did you now that off-screen, Matt McGorry is kind of amazing? He's an outspoken feminist and activist, and when it comes to being an ally, he's doing it right. Here are 7 reasons to love Matt McGorry.

1. . He uses his platform to call out other celebs.

Part of being an ally is using your platform to educate others, and whether he's schooling Piers Morgan on the power of Beyonce's black feminism or educating Iggy Azalea about why it's not racist for someone to call her "Becky," Matt is not afraid to call out another celebrity when it comes to issues like racism and sexism.

2. . His feminism is intersectional.

Many famous celebs like to keep their feminism simple: "Women should be treated equally." That's great, but like, duh? You kind of have to get a little bit deeper than that? Because sexism doesn't cover the way many different women - from women of color to trans women - are treated in society? Matt tends to talk about issues many mainstream feminists like to ignore, bringing race, class, and sexuality into his conversations on gender. And speaking of intersectional feminism..

3. . He routinely lifts up marginalized voices.

Being a good ally isn't about talking over people - it's about uplifting the voices of those directly affected by the issues you're fighting against.

4. . He talks about how messed up it is that he receives so much attention for being a feminist.

Having a celeb crush on Matt McGorry is complicated. As a white, cishet male, he was able to ride the wave of his privilege right up the ranks of feminist activism until he was partying with Gloria Steinem. That's pretty messed up, and it's super important to acknowledge that and think critically about how society perceives white male feminists versus, say, women of color. But...he's so smart and well-intentioned and self-aware? It's hard not to like him? Ugh, the inner conflict is real!

5. . His advice for spotting a fake male feminist is spot on.

Believe it or not, dudes on Tinder are co-opting feminism in an attempt to attract women. Luckily for you, Matt has the best advice on how to spot them: "If your feminism stops at women - and when we say women, we say default 'white women' - and the man has no interest in trying to parse apart what it might mean to be a woman of color versus a white woman or a trans woman or a trans woman of color, I'd say that's a pretty big red flag. It is probably about getting praise."

6. . He's got Amber Rose's stamp of approval.

If you watched the FunnyOrDie "Walk of No Shame" skit featuring Amber Rose, you probably say Matt in there too. If he's cool with Muva, he's cool with me.

7. . He dances like this.

I don't know what's happening here, but I'm into it.
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