7 Times John Cho Made You Wish He Was Your Boyfriend

John Cho is a national treasure and no one can tell me differently.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

When is the world going to stop sleeping on John Cho? Seriously. John Cho has been my fantasy boyfriend way before even his Harold and Kumar days. He's talented AF, ridiculously attractive, and his smile is so perfect it's almost upsetting.

If Twitter didn't get you on board the Cho Train with #StarringJohnCho, then here are 7 instances that should definitely do it for you.

1. . When he and Chris Pine made this video

The next time someone tells you that celebrity dubsmash videos are overdone, just show them this. There's literally no way you can watch the combined perfection of John Cho and Chris Pine and not smile. If you can, you're a monster (sorry, I don't make the rules).

2. . When he wore this

Everyone knows that when guys dress up in period wear it instantly makes them like a million times more attractive. It's the magic of a nice suit/hat combo. And this hat, and that face? It's too much. You're killing us, John.

3. . When he wore a scarf to a red carpet event

Was it cold there? Is it just a fashion statement? I have no idea, but what I do know is that every part of this outfit makes me wish I could text John Cho and be all like "Wyd?" 

4. . Whenever this happened

Look. I have no idea what's going on here. I don't have any context. I don't need any context. John Cho is offering someone (ME) a glass of wine, with his shirt unbuttoned, while he bites his lips. Someone grab me a fainting couch.

5. . When he wore this sweater

Yes, it's an attractive man wearing a nice sweater. Sometimes you just have to appreciate the simple things in life.

6. . When he was on 'Sesame Street'

This is so cute that I honestly can't even take it. If you're able to watch this without wanting to settle down and start a family with John Cho then there's truly no hope for you.

7. . When he did this photo shoot

That's it. I'm done. Someone find the "Dis Tew Much" gif and find a way to put it on my tombstone.


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