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7 Times Kim Kardashian Looked Beyond Flawless On Instagram

Kim has 100 million IG followers for a reason.

When it comes to slaying on Instagram, Kim Kardashian is pretty much a master. Whether she's channeling her glamorous side for a photo shoot or breaking the internet with her selfies, Kim always kills it in her Instagram pics.

In honor of the social media maven's 37th birthday, here are 7 times Kim's posts were so flawless you wished you could like 'em more than once.

1.  #ThatContourThough

Love her or hate her, you've gotta admit that Kim played a huge part in making contouring popular. And it's easy to see why — she rarely leaves the house without a beat face, and her contour is usually flawless.

2.  Kim's 'Casual' Look

Kim recently went blond ("for that D" — her words, not ours) and she's been slaying ever since. Judging by the sweatpants, this is probably Kim's version of a laidback look, but she still looks ready for a magazine cover. Goals, much?

3.  This Fresher-Than-Fresh Natural Look

What makeup? Where?

Ok, we know this isn't an actual no-makeup look, but you've gotta give Kim (and her makeup artists) props for this one. Just ask anyone who's tried it — achieving a natural-looking full face of makeup is no easy feat, so shout-out to Kim's glam team.

4.  This Beachy Glam Look

Wet hair, don't care? Kim's glowy look from last year's VMAs is pretty much the perfect tousled-but-glam look. We also have to give Kim and her team credit for achieving a perfect nude lip. 

5.  This Flawless Throwback

This throwback pic from one of Kim's old perfume ads just screams luxury. (Let's hope those furs are fake, though. #JustSaying)

6.  This Otherworldly Close-Up

We need to know — is Kim wearing falsies in this pic? If not, we're gonna need the name of whatever mascara she uses, because those lashes are next level amazing.

7.  This Candid Pic

"I just like this pic," reads Kim's caption.

Same, girl. Same. Between Kim's Yeezy outfit and Kanye West and Anna Wintour just hanging out in the background, this pic highlights why so many of us love candid celeb shots in the first place — their "normal" is nothing like ours, but we just can't stop watching.

[Photo: Instagram]

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