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7 Times Rihanna Looked Absolutely Flawless On Instagram

Rihanna's Instagram is nothing but #goals.

Between the professional makeup artists, celebrity stylists, and photo retouching, anyone can look great on the red carpet. Anyone who has ever tried to take a good profile picture can tell you: looking flawless in candid photos is a lot harder. Only superhumans -- and Rihanna -- can make it happen. Here are 7 times she looked absolutely gorgeous on Instagram.

1. This Beach Photo

Leave it to Rihanna to look flawless while holding a strange-looking hairless creature.

2. This Chill Pic

Who can blame Rihanna for showing off her goddess-like skin for her Instagram followers?

3. That Time Rihanna Was A Carnival Queen

No one embodies sexy confidence like Riri. That facial expression is everything.

4. This Seriously Sultry Selfie

Those curls. That smokey eye. That perfect red lipstick. Rihanna perfectly captures old Hollywood glamour with this selfie.

5. This '90s-inspired Look

Riri served up some '90s realness with this look, and she looked absolutely gorgeous.

6. This Flawless Boat Pic

Is she modeling? Is she just hanging out? I don't know, but she looks great doing it.

7. This Glamorous Bedhead Selfie

I never knew messy hair and purple lipstick could look that good together, but Rihanna totally kills it.

8. This Carefree Gorgeousness

This is like the epitome of #carefreeblackgirl gorgeousness. 

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