6 Top Celebrity Sibling Rivalries

Even the closest siblings butt heads from time to time, and these celebrity silbiling rivalries are iconic.

By Kat George

Even the closest siblings butt heads from time to time. That’s the nature of being a brother or a sister. In Despicable Me 3, in theaters June 30, Gru and his brother Dru have one of those very unique love-to-hate sibling relationships.

But long before the despicable brothers were hashing it out on the big screen, famous celebrity siblings have been at each other’s throats. These sibling rivalries are iconic, and part of the modern culture canon. Here are the top six celebrity sibling rivalries.

1. Madonna and Christopher Ciccone

When Madonna was starting out, her brother Christopher was by her side. Over the years he was a brother who doubled as an assistant, stylist and even art director. However, right before his memoir, My Life With My Sister Madonna, came out in 2008, the once close siblings stopped speaking to each other. The book was a tell-all that divulged intimate details about Madge’s private life, which she wasn’t so enthusiastic about sharing, ultimately causing a very public rift between the pair. The siblings – who are two of seven – have since patched things up.

2. Liam and Noel Gallagher

Is there a more famous celebrity sibling rivalry than the Gallaghers? Best known as bandmates in legendary Britpop band Oasis, the Gallagher brothers have been fighting publically since the ‘90s. During their Oasis days, they were known for their tumultuous relationship, and even still now, the two are constantly at loggerheads. For instance, in 2011, Liam sued Noel, blaming Oasis’ breakup on him. This year, fans hoped for an Oasis reunion at the One Love Manchester concert following the Manchester bombings, but not even charity is enough to bring the brothers back together.

3. Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas

The Jonas Brothers were a teen dream, but in October, 2013, the once inseparable heartthrobs cancelled their 19-city tour unexpectedly. The mid-tour cancellation was allegedly due to growing tensions between the boys, who brother up the band shortly afterwards, continuing on their own solo careers.

4. Julia and Eric Roberts

When she first moved out of home, Julia Roberts lived with her older brother. Despite a ten year age gap, the two were as close as two siblings could be. But that ended when Eric’s drug and alcohol abuse led to the breakdown of his relationship with girlfriend Kelly Cunningham, who Julia was close friend with. In the break up, Julia took Kelly’s side and even helped her get custody of the daughter Kelly shared with Eric, causing an estrangement between the two siblings. The two have apparently worked it out, and only have nice things to say about each other.

5. Prince William and Prince Harry

Game of Thrones? Princes William and Harry have always appeared to get along in the public eye, but there’s also been suggestion over the years that the two don’t really get along. Harry has said there’s a lot of resentment between the brothers, especially because William doesn’t get to live the free and often more private life that Harry enjoys. Likewise, Harry has also admitted to being jealous of William’s life.

6. Serena and Venus Williams

It’s a sisterly and loving rivalry, but it’s an incredibly fierce one. If you and your sibling were two of the best tennis players in the world, you’d probably have a score to settle too. Off court, the sisters are close, but on court, they’re playing to beat each other, and they mean business.

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