7 Totally Normal Reactions To Hearing That The Fresh Prince Is Getting Remade

This is an emotional time.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It seems like new reboots are being announced every day. The latest classic getting a makeover? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Though the project is still only in the talking stages, the thought alone was enough to leave most '90s kids feeling pretty conflicted. Here are 7 totally normal reactions to have when you hear that one of the most iconic '90s sitcoms ever is getting remade.

1. Annoyance.

Too. Many. Reboots. When will enough be enough??


YASSSS. I can't wait for all the '90s fashion! Who's going to do the cover of the theme song? This is going to be so awesome!

3.  Acceptance.

You know what? I'm okay with this. The Fresh Prince was awesome back then because not only was it funny, but the characters were relatable and lovable in their own ways. AND the show touched on some real issues. The world needs a show like that again. Let's do this.

4.  Confusion.

What if they get Jayden Smith to play Will? Wouldn't that be awesome? Or wait - maybe it wouldn't. Oh God, what if they really do get Jayden Smith to play the lead? Can he really be convincing as a funny guy who came from West Philly? Why is this even happening?

5. Indifference.

And I should care because?

6. Anxiety.

What if they try to get someone new to do a so-called updated version of the Carlton dance? That's just not needed. Why God? Please don't let them ruin this.

7. Depression.

This is going to be a trainwreck. Why must everything I love be destroyed? Damn you, Will Smith, for letting this happen.

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