7 Trans Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

 From underground rappers to punk icons to directors, here’s 7 trans artists who are lighting up Instagram.

By Eric Shorey

With Oxygen gearing up to premiere Strut (Sept. 20 at 9/8c), a show about the first all-trans modeling agency, we are producing a series of articles to bring you the latest on trans news, trends and information. From underground rappers to punk icons to directors, here’s 7 trans artists you should be following on Instagram. Watch the Strut trailer below and check out our list. 

1. Juliana Huxtable

rp @thebeff

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Described by Jezebel's Julianne Escobedo Shepherd as "the closest thing New York has to an it-girl at the moment,” Juliana Huxtable is a worldwide muse and talented artist, poet, model, DJ, and party promoter in her own right. Her biggest claim to fame, perhaps, was acting as the star of and inspiration for the New Museum's triennial.

2. Jiggly Caliente

From my @davidayllon shoot. I love my #bignsexy #bodypositive self. I embrace my sexiness and sultry self.

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This former RuPaul's Drag Race competitor has since become a darling of New York City's drag world. Serving streetwear looks and big girl realness, she gagged the competition with her goofy wit and lovable demeaner. Since the show, she's come out as trans and has acted as an inspiration for a new generation of younger queers, all the while still serving sickening styles.

3. Quay Dash

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We've listed Quay Dash as one of our female rappers to watch out for and her latest track proves that she's a transgender force to be reckoned with. Unafraid to discuss her identity in her rap, Dash's tracks are perfect for a late night turn up or as motivational anti-hater power-anthems. Part of the C*nt Mafia Crew, Quay's looks are as devastating as her verses.

4. Laura Jane Grace

Thanks for the fun photo shoot today @ryanlowry

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This punk icon was a world renowned legend before coming out as trans. Since then, she's become the voice of transgender fury, with powerful rock tracks about the politics and frustrations of transgender existence. Jane's coming out was met with overwhelming positivity in the punk world; she now stands as a figurehead of the Queercore movement.

5. Charlene Incarnate


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A “High Femme Tornado / Post-Drag Priestess,” Charlene Incarnate (more commonly known just by her first name) became notorious after her controversial performances in Brooklyn's underground drag world. Proudly shooting estrogen on stage, Charlene's drag ushered in a new wave of transgressive queens on the scene. She's since become an outspoken voice in the community and a beloved socialite.

6. Silas Howard

#Pomp #tbt photo by @amosmac

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Writer and director Silas Howard is the mastermind behind the recent audacious visuals of queer artists like Peaches, Justin Vivian Bond, and AB Soto. With an incredibly impressive resume, he's most notably directed episodes of the critically acclaimed Amazon series, Transparent. Keep your eye on this one: he's sure to win an Oscar in the not-so-distant future. Also: he takes a lot of pictures with cute dogs.

7. Wu Tsang

testing the light shower for 2MORROW NITE HONG KONG @_asmara_ @telfarglobal @boychild

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Tsang identifies as “transfeminine and transguy.” His work deals with the intersections of different subcultures and communities and the blurred boundaries between public and private. The young Chinese-Swedish-American most notably opened a club called Wildness in LA, which invited immigrant, punk, and drag communities to intermingle. The process was documented in a piece which debuted at the 2012 Whitney Bienniel. “In my art and as a person, I just tend to be OK with contradiction,” Tsang told The L.A. Times[Featured Image: Christies]


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