7 Ways To Get Ready For Cuffing Season

Summer's over. It's time to cuff.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Cuffing season. Every year, these two words mark the end of summer flings and the start of the serious relationship. Cuffing season is the season to get tied down to something real. When it's just too cold to go outside, you'll be glad to be cuffed to someone special. There's no time like now to get ready. Here are seven ways to make this the best cuffing season ever.

Start Dating ASAP


The first step to getting cuffed is to get out there. Put the wine and remote control down and leave the house— unless you're planning on dating the cable guy or something. Dating apps are the easiest way to meet tons of cuff potential, so get to swiping.

RSVP to Everything


Meeting people the old fashioned way is still very much a thing. RSVP to cocktails, art openings and house parties. Don't turn down invites; you never know who's going to show up. Plus you can wear cute autumn weather sh*t now.

Put It Out There


If you're single and want to get cuffed, let 'em know. Put it out there! Pray, set an intention, make a vision board, whatever. Ask to be introduced or set up by friends. Now's not the time to be shy. There's a fake season to abide by!

Date With Purpose


Once you give your number to that cutie from the coffee shop, make sure that you're dating with purpose. Only accept actual dates. Netflix & Chill is not a date. Sharing Snapchats is not a date. FaceTime is not a date. Make sure you're investing your time with someone with cuff potential.

Date Multiple People

You'll meet someone you really like and it's going to be really hard to do this step. Go against every instinct and date multiple people. Between ghosting, incompatibility and flakes, most dates won't end up as anything worthwhile. Until you are fully cuffed, keep your dating roster active.

Cuff It Down

How long does it take to be cuffed? If you're seeing someone for over a month and they've proven themselves hot, considerate, consistent and all-around worthy, then it's time to bring out the cuffs. Some people like to have The Talk to make it official while others play it more casual. Either way, you are now cuffed. No more cold, lonely nights for you. Congratulations!

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