8 Animals Who Think They Are Human Beings

From a cat who uses the toilet to a bear patiently waiting to be served at a picnic table, here are eight animals who think they are humans. 

In Universal’s Sing, premiering today (Dec. 21), the animated critters have so much talent, humor and emotion that you might forget you aren't watching human actors. But it's not just the fictional creatures on Sing that seem like they are human beings, some animals IRL do too.

1. This Bear Waiting For Dinner 

This wild bear surprised the humans looking on from the safety of their house by sitting at a picnic table—like a human would—and waiting patiently for his dinner to be served.

2. This Cat Using The Toilet

You've seen it on Meet The Parents and now here it is irl—a cat that pees sitting on the toilet like a real live human being.

3. This Adorable Puppy That Sleeps Like A Human

Get ready for this one because it’s extra levels of mind blowing adorableness. This puppy sleeps just like a human, head on the pillow and blankets pulled up to his chin, as snug as a bug in a rug. Forget the doggy bed--this pooch is people.

4. This Orangutan Cleaning Himself Like A Human

Orangutan's are amazingly human—especially this guy cleaning himself off with a wet rag, and ringing out the water in between wipes.

5. This Cat That Eats Like A Person

This cat’s perfect night out is dinner at a restaurant where you eat with your hands.

6. This Cat Just Chilling In A Human Sitting Position

Cats look so silly when they sit up like humans. It’s mesmerizing. You could watch videos of them doing it all day long and never get tired of it.

7. This Dog Who Exercises Like A Human

This dog is trying to get the perfect kanine Kardashian kaboose with his human squat exercises.

8. This Guinea Pig Who Hangs Out With His Human Like He’s A Human Too

Talk about chilling with your housemates—this guinea pig sits like a human and munches carrots while playing video games with his human all day long.

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