8 Reasons To Fall In Love With Rami Malek

If he's not already, Rami Malek totally deserves to be your new fave actor.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Rami Malek isn't a household name just yet, but give it time; the 34-year-old actor may have lost out on the Golden Globe to Jon Hamm, but he took home a Critics Choice Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series, and it's sure to be the first of many accolades for his role on Mr. Robot, one of the most critically-acclaimed TV series of 2015. Audiences and critics alike are eagerly awaiting the second season, and if you haven't gotten aboard the fangirl train yet, now's the time. Trust me - Rami Malek should totally be your next #MCM. Here are 8 reasons why.

1. . He worked his way up.

After graduating from the University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana, Rami got his start playing bit parts in movies like Need for Speed and Twilight. He was also played the ridiculously handsome pharaoh in Night At The Museum, so take a second to absorb that.

2. . He's got serious acting chops.

He was absolutely mesmerizing as Merriell Snafu Shelton in the HBO Emmy Awardwinning World War II mini-series, The Pacific. Even if you're not usually into that type of thing, it's worth checking out for Rami's performance alone. In fact, executive producer Tom Hanks was so impressed with what Rami did with the character that he later cast him in his next film, Larry Crowne.

3. . He's starring in one of the best TV shows out right now.

Mr. Robot - a show on USA Network about hackers and anarchy and stuff - pretty much came out of nowhere. No one expected it to be as good as it is, but between creator/producer/head writer Sam Esmail's skillful storytelling and Rami's haunting, gets-under-your-skin-and-stays-there performance, it became one of the biggest hits of 2015.

4. . He's ridiculously adorable.

He's got Bambi eyes and a smile that's to-die-for. It's pretty much impossible not to have a crush on this guy.

5. . He's like a beautiful alien.

You know how someone can look kinda weird and yet it totally works for them, way more than it has any right to? The general consensus is that that's what's happening here.

6. . He's got geek cred.

Rami did the voice and motion capture for Josh, one of the main characters of the much-loved horror game, Until Dawn. That definitely gives him major nerd cred in my book.

7. . He has a twin.

Ok, so having a twin isn't that noteworthy on its own, but what is pretty fantastic is when you use your twin to get into sitcom-esque shenanigans. See above.

8. . He's vocal about issues that matter.

Rami, who is Egyptian, has spoken out about the importance of making sure the entertainment industry supports and acknowledges the work of diverse filmmakers.
"I hope it's not just this year that diversity is a touchstone. That it's not just talked about. That people actually act upon it," he told Time magazine last month. Me too, Rami. Me too.
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