8 Things You Need To Know About The Star Of 'The Mummy’

The star of the The Mummy reboot is a powerhouse in her own right – here's what you need to know.

Sofia Boutella: memorize the name. The star of the forthcoming The Mummy (out June 9), Boutella is about to take Hollywood by storm – and we don’t just mean the havoc-wreaking desert storms in The Mummy franchise.

You may have seen her face before, or you might have seen her face in layers of prosthetics and not realized it was her, but either way, you’re about to have a new favorite actor. And not just that – Boutella is talented in multiple physical practices, including dance and martial arts. So before you rush off to cinemas to see her in The Mummy, here are 8 things you need to know about Sofia Boutella.

1. She’s French-Algerian

Boutella was born in Algeria, and lived there until she was 10. Her family moved to France in 1992. Meanwhile creativity runs in her family: her mother is an architect and a painter and he father, Safy Boutella, is a famous jazz musician.

2. She was a gymnast first

When her family moved to France, Boutella began taking gymnastics. By age 18, she was on France’s national team.

3. She’s shilled for Nike

As a talented gymnast and ballerina, Boutella starred in a series of Nike ads in 2005 choreographed by famous creative director Jamie King.

4. She gave up ballet for hip hop

In 2006, Boutella was part of the dance troupe The Vagabond Crew, and with them she won the World Championship HipHop Battle.

5. She toured with Madonna

For eight years, Boutella was on the road with Madonna, and even performed at the Super Bowl with her. While working with Madonna, Boutella decided she wanted to try acting, and says Madonna was very supportive.

6. She was supposed to tour with Michael Jackson too

Meanwhile, in 2011, Boutella was set to tour with Michael Jackson – but he tragically passed before the tour began. She did, however, star in his “Hollywood Tonight” video, where she does an epic moonwalk.

7. You’ve seen her before

Boutella might be the star of The Mummy, but she’s kicked ass in some big time blockbusters already. You probably remember her most as the assassin Gazelle in The Kingsman: Secret Service, but she also played an alien warrior in Star Trek Beyond. As well as the upcoming The Mummy, you’ll be able to see Boutella on the big screen next to Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde, where we hear there’s some pretty steamy sex scenes.

8. She was honored at CinemaCon

At CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Boutella was named the Female Rising Star Of Tomorrow, during the Big Screen Achievement Awards, for her work in The Mummy and Atomic Blonde. We told you she was going to be huge!

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