9 Celebrities Who DGAF About A Clean Shave

Razors were first marketed to women in the 1920’s for the purposes of smoothing the underarm region, and they quickly became the law of the land. But laws were made to be broken, and these celebs are the biggest breakers of them all. Grab a brush! This one may get a little long… 

1. . Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez isn’t shy about flashing her hairy pits. She's flaunted them everywhere from beaches to red carpets. However, she promised her Instagram followers she’d go clean sometime in the new year and made good on it for Oscars night. Maybe she's not as DGAF as she used to be. Le sigh.

2. . Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is the queen of DGAF, and her armpit hair is no exception. Her Instagram M.O. is letting it all hang out, including her armpit hair. Sometimes she even dyes it pretty colors. Then again, it IS her party, she can do what she want to. 

3. . Julia Roberts

Fine. It was kind of a long time ago (the 1999 premier of Notting Hill, to be exact) but Julia Roberts was one of the first A-listers to give unshaven armpits a voice, and pop culture hasn’t forgotten or looked back since. 

4. . Zach Galifianakis

The baron of beards only appears clean-shaven when it's purposefully to be funny. From the red carpet to major movie appearances, Galifinakis is one celebrity whose facial hair is just as big as his personality.  

5. . Madonna

Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove

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Anything Miley can do, Madonna can do better. She said it best when she said “Long hair….. Don’t Care!!!” in her Instagram caption. Now if only someone could teach her how many dots are in an ellipsis... 

6. . Mayim Bialik

Hey stylist @adenarohatiner , is this ok?

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Not only does Mayim Bialik sometimes not shave, this Big Bang Theory star has never shaved in her life. She explains on her blog“I remain the tomboy/feminist who has never in her life shaved her legs or armpits. Ever.” She made the decision at 14 and has never second-guessed it. It helps that she is fair-haired to begin with, but still, it’s pretty bad ass to “be who you want to be” like nobody’s watching. 

7. . Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks "smizes" and goes au natural with her legs unless it’s for a Victoria’s Secret fashion show or a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot. To be fair, she probably had to make a couple of other compromises for those shoots, too. You know, like carbs. 

8. . Channing Tatum


This guy is the gold standard of men who walk around nearly naked with sunglasses and a tan for stares. Sure Channing puts the beef in beefcake, but for a man who goes topless as often at this guy does, the least he could do is remember to use a Gillette once in a while… wait… my bad. I almost forgot men aren’t subjected to the same arbitrary standards of beauty as women. My bad, Channing-- keep doing what you do!

9. . Sophia Lauren

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but Sophia Loren was oft photographed with her arms up and hair out. Maybe it’s because she’s European, maybe it’s because she’s a fashion maven who does what she wants. Whatever the reason, I stand by her decision with the firm support of an underwire bra. Feminists unite.

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