9 Celebrities With A Sex Tape


This one goes out to all those aspiring actors who claim they don't have time to date because they're "too busy focusing on their career." Lifehack: release a sex tape and tackle both at once! Snapchat and sexy Instagram may be taking away the allure of a blurry BJ on VHS, but this was once a well established way to make it to the top. Or, at the least, a well known threat to those who had already achieved a level of fame and worried about sullying their image with the glory days when they were "young and needed the money." We shall start with the reigning queen of sex tape celebrities:

1. . Kim Kardashian

Arguably the most effective sex tape of all time - and also very difficult to research because of the amount of naked Kim K available online - is Kim's sex tape with Ray J. There are rumors then and now that the tape was made and leaked intentionally by he star, herself. Still, Kim sued Vivid Entertainment for ownership of the video on the grounds of "invasion of privacy" (she had originally sold it to them for $1 mill) and settled out of court for a cool $5 mill. Now she's married to Kanye West and has an app where teenage girls can go on their own "red carpet adventure," just like Kim.

2. . Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell copped to making a 13 minute sex tape with Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain in 2005, but fought in court to block its distribution. Narain went on the record claiming that the release of the video had caused her to lose job opportunities and peace of mind. Soon after the scandal broke, he went to rehab and says that having sober sex again was one of the most terrifying experiences of his life.

3. . Rob Lowe

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Rob Lowe hit a low point when the first commercially available sex tape ever leaked showing him having sex with two women, ages 16 and 22. Though he avoided criminal charges - the age of content where the video took place in Georgia is 16 - he now says the scandal was "the greatest thing that ever happened" to him because it helped him find sobriety.

4. . Tonya Harding

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! In 1994 Penthouse released a sex tape of silver medalist Tonya Harding allegedly on her wedding night. The couple was, in fact, dressed up for Halloween. Looks like this couple got tricked by their own treat, if you know what I mean.

5. . Dustin Diamond

In an attempt to re-boot his girl's-best-friend image, Dustin Diamond authorized the release of a sex tape of himself in 2006 that has since been labeled a fake. Diamond has struggled with re-branding himself separately from his his Saved By The Bell character Screech. Sadly, the video did more harm than good to the actor's career.

6. . Farrah Abraham

If you can't beat 'em, beat 'em at their own game! Farrah Abraham of MTV's Teen Mom fame doubled down on "invasive reality television" when she released an award-winning sex tape in 2013 with porn star James Deen. She also allegedly brought her four-year-old daughter Sophia along with her to negotiate her distribution contract with Vivid Entertainment, and recently made the news again for Instagramming smokey-eyed bikini photos of her now seven-year-old daughter with the caption, "excited to see all the great things flourish in Sophia's life journey."

7. . Pamela Anderson

The year is 1998. Online sex tapes weren't a thing...yet! That's when Internet Entertainment Group stumbled across a video of Pam Anderson and (now ex) husband Tommy Lee bumping uglies, and, behold-- a new genre of clickbait was born. In 2005, Anderson doubled down, releasing a DVD of herself and Bret Michaels.

8. . John Edwards

John Edwards' career took a nosedive in 2010 when a former aide released a tape Edwards had apparently made of himself getting down to business with mistress, Rielle Hunter. The video ended Edwards' career in politics, but launched Hunter's career as an author. Her debut book, What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me, explains that the first night of their affair was "the most extraordinary night of [her] life."

9. . Paris Hilton

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The only thing more boring than her sex tape is everything else in her career. In 2004, Paris Hilton released a night-vision sex tape herself and Rick Salomon, securing her title as the girl who is famous for being terrible. In Rick's defense, what else was he supposed to do to pass the time with Paris- have a conversation?

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