9 Reasons Tyga and Kylie's Relationship Will Always Be Gross

Sorry, #TeamKyga.


By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Are we entering the age of "Kyga"? Let's hope not, and not just because the last thing this world needs is yet another Kardashian in the spotlight. Kylie Jenner may be 18 now, but her and Tyga's relationship will never sit right with a lot of people. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. It's been messed up from the beginning.

The Kyga relationship was inappropriate from the start. It's common knowledge that Kylie and Tyga were more or less dating before she was a legal adult. Just because she's 18 now doesn't erase the fact that Tyga didn't care and dated her anyway. 

2. Her family's silence on it says a lot.

To add an even grosser layer to this whole thing, you have to consider that Kylie's entire family must have known what was going on, and yet no one intervened. In fact, they defended it aggressively - remember Khloe's little social media outburst when Amber Rose called them on it?

3. Kanye's comments on it were pretty disgusting.

Kanye's comments commending Tyga for "getting in early" just goes to show how messed up that entire family is. 

4. One word: "Stimulated."

Tyga even felt so comfortable dating a teenager that he felt the need to make music about it. If, culturally, we're at a point where a grown man can feel confident putting out a song bragging about how he "penetrated" an underage girl, then we have a problem.

5. The "Stimulated" music video takes it even further.

Nope, the song wasn't enough. Tyga had to take it a step further and make a music video full of PDA with Kylie to milk even more money out of his "relationship" (and by relationship I mean statutory rape).

6. The popularity of Kyga sets a crap example.

Even if you hate the Kardashians, you still know who they are. Even though there aren't many who would consider them role models, they still affect our culture in a big way, for better or for worse (usually for the worse, let's be honest). With fame comes social responsibility; if you don't want that responsiblity, don't become a public figure.

7. That whole "well, she doesn't look young" defense.

Historically, treating girls like adults just because they look grown has been used to defend some pretty heinous things.

8. Kylie's media coverage has been creepy from the start.

The way that media outlets ate up every selfie and bikini shot Kylie shared (even before she was 18) was a new low for us, culturally speaking. People are getting way too open about lusting over teenage girls - and we all know the oversexualization of young girls has some pretty real consequences.

9. It's a reflection of our own messed up culture.

We can't blame everything on the Kardashian/Jenner clan. No one can reach that level of fame without the help of the public; we're responsible for creating this unkillable media monster. If only the #KardashianKleanse could have been indefinite, huh?

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