9 Struggles Anyone Who Has Ever Worn A Weave Knows To Be True

The struggle is real.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Wearing a weave is awesome. It allows you to switch up your look dramatically without having to make any permanent changes to your real hair. If you're the type who gets bored easily but has a commitment problem, a weave can pretty much change your life. Still, it's not all sunshine and roses. Here are 9 struggles that anyone who has ever rocked extensions can relate to.

1. Confusion

Brazilian? Malaysian? Persian? What the heck is "Virgin Remy"? There are so many types of hair out there, it can be intimidating for newbies.

2. Indecision

Picking a style, color, and cut that suits your face/style/budget is a challenge all on its own. So many options, so little time.

3. Blending

If you're trying to match the texture of your real hair with the texture of your weave, it can be such a headache, especially if your natural hair is thicker than the hair you're trying to blend it with.

4. Itching

Is there anything worse than getting an unbearable itch when you have a sew-in? Patting your head never really feels like enough, does it? And then the next thing you know you're standing there practically punching yourself in the head and looking like an idiot.

5. Pricing

Two bundles for two hundred dollars? Is that supposed to be a deal? I can't even, right now.

6. "Is that all yours?"

Having to answer questions like "Is that your real hair?" gets old really, really fast, especially when it's followed by a compliment. If you like my hair, why does it matter? Just pay me the compliment and keep it moving - don't ask for my hair history.

7. "Why don't you love yourself?"

One of the most annoying side effects of wearing a weave is dealing with other people's assumptions. Just because you use a weave to switch up your look doesn't mean that you hate your real hair. Sometimes, it really is just hair.

8. Maintenance

Figuring out how to properly care for and maintain your extensions can have a steep learning curve. Accidentally ruining your tracks by applying too much heat or trying to dye them is just a depressing experience.

9. Accidents

It's not a common occurrence but, horror upon horrors, your weave can actually slip off in public. If it's ever happened to you, then you know that it's a new level of embarrassment.

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