9 Style Trends That Need To Disappear In 2016

Enough with the contouring already.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

2015 was the year of excessive contouring, high-waisted everything, and way too much lip liner. Here are 9 trends we all need to leave in the past.

1. . Crazy Contouring

2015 gave us clown contouring, henna contouring, and an abundance of other overly complicated contouring methods that were all just fancy ways of doing the same thing: layering way too much product on your face and then trying to somehow blend all of it together. It's time to go back to basics in 2016.

2. . High-Waisted Shorts

It was fun for the summer (I guess?), but let's leave the denim camel toes in 2015, please and thank you.

3. . Crop Tops

This year, everything was cropped, and I do mean everything. Seriously, a cropped silk button-up shirt? This has gone far enough.

4. . Flower Crowns

I say this as someone who loves flower crowns no matter how young they make me look - it's time to give these things a rest. Leave the plants on the ground in 2016, ya hippies!

6. . Hair Tattoos

Temporary hair tattoos (pretty much exactly what it sounds like) have existed for a minute, and there's just no way around it: no matter how you try to style them, you will look like a 13-year-old girl in 2005.

7. . Temporary Tattoos

Your tattoos should not have glitter in them.

8. . Overalls

Overalls had their moment in 2015, but let's leave this look to carpenters, toddlers, and female rappers in the '90s, please.

9. . Overlined Lips

Overlining lips always looks obvious, so I don't understand the popularity of this one. Are we all just supposed to collectively act like we don't see the outline of your real lips poking through the fake set you painted on? I blame you, Kylie Jenner.

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