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9 Times Rihanna Went Swimming And Slayed At The Same Time

No one does "poolside chic" like Rihanna. 

Is it just us, or does Rihanna spend like half of her life in a bikini? Maybe it's her Bajan background, but she seems to spend more time in the water (or lounging near it) than out of it, and we are definitely not mad at it. Here are 9 times Rihanna pretty much embodied #SexyMermaidGoals.

1. .  One Word: Legs


Rihanna has no problem showing off her gams - can you blame her? 

2. .  Mood: Whip Cream


This photo was taken to advertise Rihanna's new line of sunglasses with Dior, and we can definitely say it caught our attention. Now what does the 23 written on her stomach in whip cream mean, exactly?

3. .  Rih's Swan Dive

At least she managed to save the wine! That's all that matters.

4. .  The Candy Striper Bikini


I don't know which is cuter - that bikini or the super adorable swan.

5. .  This Entire Look


This may be an outfit for a music video, but you can't deny that this look is everything.

6. .  This Black Swimsuit


Does Rihanna ever not slay? Like, is it even possible? If there was a museum for Instagram photos, it'd be criminal not to include this shot.

7. .  #CarefreeBlackGirl


Futuristic Dior sunglasses + the perfect bikini + a cold beer = summer goals? Rihanna has the uncanny ability to always look as if she never has a single care in the entire world, and we love her for it.

8. .  Shower Pole Goals


Well, you know what they say: if you've got it, flaunt it.

9. .  Casual Slayage


Is she modeling or is she just hanging out poolside? Leave it to Rihanna to make every outfit she wears look as if it was meticulously chosen for a magazine photoshoot.

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