9 TV Moms From The '90s You Wish Would Adopt You

Did your favorite '90s matriarch make the cut?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Whether dealing with bullying, teenage pregnancy scares, or just their children's bad relationship decisions, TV moms from the '90s seemed to have all the answers - and even when they didn't, we still loved them. In anticipation of Fix My Mom premiering on Oxygen Tuesday at 9/8c, here are 9 moms who will always have a special place in our TV-loving hearts.

1. Peggy Bundy, Married With Children

No mother on the block rocked a bold red lip and a pair of leggings like Peggy Bundy. On top of that, her hair was always on point (not to mention high enough to brush the ceiling). As a kid, you totally wanted her to sit you down and teach you her stylie points.

2. Vivian Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Anyone would be lucky to have the effortlessly stylish, intimidatingly-cool Aunt Viv as a mom. And who can forget that time she rolled up to the dance studio and put all the other dancers to shame? Totally iconic. We're all just trying to get on her level.

3. Sylvia Fine, The Nanny

Fran's mom showed us that there truly is no age limit to being fierce and confident. Mrs. Fine was a woman who wasn't afraid of showing a little cleavage, and had no shame about her ferocious appetite. Now that's the kind of woman any girl would want to grow up and be like.

4. Harriette Winslow, Family Matters

Mrs. Winslow wasn't afraid to put anyone in their place, yet she'd totally be there with sage advice and a shoulder to cry whenever you needed it. Plus, anyone who managed to live next door to Steve Urkel and not lose her mind must have an inhuman level of patience.

5. Roseanne

If there's one thing you can say about Roseanne, it was that she never took anyone's crap - ever. She dealt with bratty kids and a crappy job, and she did it all with a biting sense of humor. Roseanne showed us that there's more than one way to be a good mother, and that you don't have to be like anyone else to feel confident in who you are.

6. Lisa Landry, Sister, Sister

Tia's mom was like the ultimate cool mom who had the kind of quick comebacks you could only dream of coming up with. Plus her wardrobe was everything. Anyone else remember Fashions By Lisa? How cool would it be to have a fashion designer as a mom. Adopt me, please?

7. Joyce Summers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

If Mrs. Summers managed to deal with demons, vampires, and all kinds of otherworldly mess, then what couldn't she handle? Her daughter actually dated a vampire, for goodness' sake. And yet Joyce was always there with the kind of non-judgmental, level-headed advice you wish you had growing up. It's easy to see where Buffy gets her strength from.

8. Annie Camden, 7th Heaven

The Camdens had like a billion kids and each one of them was terrible and annoying in their own unique way. Seriously, those kids were always getting into all kinds of messes. Still, Mrs. Camden always kept a cool head (and a batch of cookies in the oven). She deserves an award for that alone.

9. Amy Matthews, Boy Meets World

Not only was Mrs. Matthews a warm maternal figure for Corey and Eric (and what's her name? Morgan? Oh yeah), but she practically raised Shawn too. Her generosity knew no limits, and she taught everyone around her to value kindness above everything. Totally TV-mom royalty.

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