A Contestant On Gay Bachelor Show 'Finding Prince Charming' Is Mocked For Flamboyance

Homophobia is everywhere...even on set of a gay dating show.

By Jazzi Johnson

So, this is pretty awkward.

While many in the LGBT community are celebrating the drama from the first all-gay in-house bachelor Logo reality show Finding Prince Charming, some shocking news has come to the surface just hours before the season premiere.

Along with the messiness that is to come with 13 smoking hot bachelors all living under one roof, the LGBT community is going to be faced with internalized homophobia that took place during production.

According to The Wrapa disturbing interaction takes place as soon as the contestants reach the bachelor pad. In the first episode, contestant Robby, known as an 26 year-old beauty expert, is mocked, confronted, and criticized for his flamboyance.

According to the report, the contestant walks in and Robby shouts, “Let’s get this party started, bitches!” Then, the camera appears to show 31-year-old Sam, "who looks disgusted at the shrieks and one-liners Robby brings to the group." But that's not all. Contestants then verbally comment on Robby's "energy" and "larger than life" personality.

In a confessional, Sam reveals: “I’ve never met anyone like Robby before, except for maybe in the theater,” Sam says in a confessional segment. According to The Wrap, Sam "seems mortified by Robby’s behavior and incredulous that no one else openly shares his discomfort."

So naturally, Sam confronts Robby: “Are you always over the top like this? Is this just who you are?” 

Robby tries to play off the absolute homophobic audacity of it all on Sam "being a typical conservative Virgo." Still, Sam doesn't let up. The whole fiasco comes to a boiling point when Sam yells to Robby (metaphorically), “Fix your dress!”

The creator of the show, Brian Graden, assured The Wrap that the incident is not false or make-believe, but was included in the episode to make way for conversation. “I would never do anything that perpetuated stereotypes that I thought were destructive," he said. "What happened was the honest reaction and we thought it was important to explore.”

Just pile it onto the drama circulating this show: recently, the steamy bachelor Robert Sepulveda, Jr. was revealed to be an ex-escort, which made the network flinch. 

[Photo: Logo TV]


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