A DJ Took Time From His Set To Shame Women For Using Snapchat

You got a problem with dog ears, bro?

By Aimée Lutkin

There are so many options for sharing and posting to social media. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blah blah blah. One of the cool things about most of these platforms is that you have the option to unfollow anyone you want. Don’t like a post? Hide it or delete or go for a freaking walk in the park. Don’t make some big declaration about how you think people are destroying the world with selfies.

DJ Will Sparks went with the latter choice, unfortunately. He went to Instagram to “express his thoughts on mainly females these days.” yikes. When a guy calls women “females” I know what’s coming next is going to be bad. Sparks post continues with advice for how these females can use their Snapchat better, especially if they have a big following. He says stop posting selfies with a filter and some rap music in the background. Just stop it! He doesn’t like it, and he can’t stop watching it himself, okay?

He then suggests that folks with big followings use their platform to do something motivating and inspiring. But, as many point out, that’s not exactly what Will Sparks is using his platform for. He seems mostly to talk about hot chicks he can pick up at his sets and the fact that he works out.

It would be nice if all famous people used their voice for good -- but is posting a snap of yourself with a dog nose hurting anybody? If you have time to be angry about that, maybe you should try motivating yourself to get a life.

[Photo: Instagram]

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