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A Fan Was Caught Playing Pokemon GO Mere Feet From Beyonce

Put the damn phone down.

Pokemon GO is fun! Is it more fun than a Beyonce concert? Debatable. But one pocket monster enthusiast was caught stalking some new catches at a recent performance by the Queen, despite her optimal positioning next to the stage.

Beyonce aside, here's some advice, homegirl, from one Pokemon enthusiast to another: you ain't even gunna catch nothing exciting dropping an incense so far from any pokestops. I see your screen. Ain't no one even on it! Just put the damn phone down and pick it up again when you're on the move.

Luckily, Mrs. Carter was delightfully unaware of the subtle treachery right under nose and managed to ethereally glide past the transgressor without batting an eyelash.

Trainers beware: y'all are going to get clocked on Insta if you pull ish like this at big shows.

In other Pokemon news, GQ checked in with rapper Desiigner to see how his menagerie of imaginary creatures was doing:

Desiigner! Get out of the street! Watch where you are going!

Pokemon GO has been out for less than a month but the game's developer, Niantic, has already promised a handful of updates in the future including the ability to battle and trade with other players, customizable pokestops, and plenty more easter eggs. 


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