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A 'Game Of Thrones' Makeup Collection May Be On Its Way

There's a catch, though.

For a nerdy makeup lover like myself, there is little else in the world I love more than themed cosmetics. Throw one of my fandoms on any beauty product, and I will throw money at it until it's mine. Sure, once I have it, I usually just stare it and go, 'Ooh, so pretty' instead of actually using it, but I digress.

Fans of both makeup and Game of Thrones have something to be happy about this year because Storybook Cosmetics is coming out with a new collection inspired by the hit HBO series. Well, maybe. As with most things in life that get you excited, there's a catch — the company has to secure the rights from HBO first.

In the past, Storybook Cosmetics has gifted nerdy makeup lovers with such awesomeness as a makeup brush set that looks like wands from the Harry Potter series, and they're planning even more cool stuff in 2017, like this enchanting quill and ink eyeliner set.

Cosmopolitan reports that the GOT collection would feature an eye shadow palette inspired by the books, sword makeup brushes, and a compact that looks like the iron throne, so you can check your eyeliner and ruminate about your thirst for power all at the same time.


These themed makeup brushes always look so clunky and awkward to use but I literally could not care less. I really need this to happen, so don't stand in the way of greatness, HBO!

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