A Louisiana State Rep Proposed A Weight Limit On Strippers

“I can’t strip either ... I’m a little overweight.”

By Eric Shorey

Republicans are not very funny, in general. In fact, some have even questioned whether conservatives can be funny at all. A state representative in Louisiana is proving his party's acute sense of comedy by joking about weight limits on strippers. Wakka wakka wakka!

More specifically: State Rep. Kenny Havard thought he was being cute when he suggested an amendment to a bill aimed at protecting teenagers from human trafficking. His silly idea? Cap the age of eligibility for strippers at 28 and require that they are “no more than one hundred sixty pounds in weight.”

Haha! No.

Harvard's wacky suggestion (so crazy! lol! what a nutty guy!) was not received well, even by his fellow Republicans. “I’ve never been more repulsed to be part of [the House of Representatives],”said Rep. Julie Stokes. “I can’t even believe the behavior. I hear derogatory comments about women, I see women get treated differently than men. That was utterly disrespectful and disgusting.”

I can't stop laughing this whole thing is hee-larious!

Harvard later attempted to backtrack on his "joke" by suggesting that the idea was meant to satirize the ways that his state leans towards over-regulation.

But the state's lawmakers weren't done yucking it up quite yet. During the discussion about strippers, a handful of reps left dollar bills on the podium, showing just how refined their comedy can be:

Despite the outrage, Harvard continued his routine, suggesting that the amendment wasn’t aimed specifically at women. “I can’t strip either,” he said. “I’m a little overweight.”

The laughs just never stop with these dudes!

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