A Man Who Should Be In Jail 'Pranked' His Girlfriend With Chili On Her Tampon

F this guy.

By Aimée Lutkin

Brad Holmes is a “Facebook prankster," and when future generations look back at this era in history, they will see that moniker as a sign that we deserved the fall of our civilization. Many of his “pranks” involve tormenting his long-suffering girlfriend, Jenny Davies, who I think is in some sort of Stockholm situation with him at this point. His most recent post has been removed from Facebook, but still exists on YouTube. In it, he coats his girlfriend’s tampon in chili powder to “see what happens.”


She complains of feeling like her vagina is on fire, and seems confused and distressed about what's happening. Please remember that she is also on her period this whole time. Okay, this is not a prank, this is a violence. Putting someone who trusts you in excruciating pain is actually domestic abuse and you should not stop, do not collect $200, go directly to jail. Other pranks he’s perpetrated against Davies include cutting her hair while she was sleeping:


Pretending to leave her(she should be so lucky):


Putting a mannequin in their bed so it looks like he’s cheating:


Pretending to propose to her, which she actually seems excited about for some reason:


The Huffington Post wrote an article about Holmes that has since been removed, perhaps because the language about what Holmes is doing is fairly neutral. Kind of like, “Haha this is crazy! Men, right?” Where it used to be is a note from the editor that reads, “A story previously in this space fell short of our editorial standards and has been removed. We regret the error.”

It may be that the video was staged, or Davies is compensated in some way for her participation in this sociopath’s sh*tty grasping at facebook celebrity. My dream is that she’s the puppeteer behind all this and actually an amazing actress and entrepreneur. Seems more likely she’s just another girl who needs to dump her boyfriend immediately and forever, then file a restraining order.

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