A NBA Mascot Mocked Mariah Carey's NYE Performance And It Was Hilarious

The San Antonio Spurs are finally must-see TV.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

It's been nearly a week since Mariah Carey's disastrous performance on Rockin New Year's Eve but not everyone is ready to stop poking fun at the singer. Of all people, the mascot of the San Antonio Spurs decided to mock Mariah.

Cosmo shares that the San Antonio Spurs's mascot, Coyote, appeared in a leotard during halftime against the Toronto Raptors. The mascot attempted to sing "Emotions," which Mariah infamously flubbed during her performance, and then stormed off the court when it was having mic issues.

Something wrong with your mic, @spurscoyote? 😂

A video posted by San Antonio Spurs (@spurs) on


The Indiana Pacers have also gotten in on roasting Mariah. The team rolled out a Lip Sync cam during games for fans to sing "Emotions." Ouch.

Mariah's team has cited audio issues with her in-ear piece as the culprit behind her snafu. She's since said that she was "mortified" about the performance. No word on whether Coyote felt the same. 

[Photo: Getty Images]

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