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A Rainbow Burger Exists And It's A Beautiful, Obscure Tribute To Gene Wilder

Hint: think Willy Wonka.

The rainbow food fad ain’t over yet. There’s still time to cram one more color-laden munchie into your mouth before it gets real cold and all you want is buttered mash potatoes and other white carbs.

A restaurant called Bar Luca in Sydney Australia has created the perfect artery-clogging rainbow treat for you—behold, the The Beauregard Burger:


The name is loosely connected to the ill-fated Violet Beauregard, blown up like a big blueberry in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It’s the restaurant’s way of very obliquely paying tribute to actor Gene Wilder, who died in late August. But he probably wouldn’t want you to be sad while eating something so delicious, so just enjoy it for its visual qualities:


According to Mashable, the burger is topped with tomato soup jelly, fried potatoes, cheese and blueberry onion jam (which sounds disgusting, but okay), and “wonka sauce.” Mmm, mysterious. And of course it’s all on top of these babies:


There are even some (laminated) golden tickets in this burger special, which winners can use to tour the kitchen of Bar Luca, I assume. That doesn't sound very fun, but maybe the owner is also a child-like maniac:


Take me to the pot of gold, rainbow food. The “pot of gold” is the gut I’ve grown from eating rainbow meat sandwiches.

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