A Rapper Who Is Publicly Devoted To His Girl? Get It, Jordin Sparks!

Cue the awwwws. 

In a world of side chicks, jump-offs and hookups, rappers aren’t always known for claiming their girlfriends. But Jordin Sparks can melt even the iciest heart and rapper Sage the Gemini isn’t shy about why he’s making it OFFICIAL with her.

On Instagram, the “2am” rapper shared: “Just because we not flossin with bentleys tryna get approval from Instagram doing all this bull-ish so blogs can post us doesn’t mean we ain’t doin nothin. We work hard we accept each other so we don’t have to wait for you guys to accept us. So when I’m not postin her it’s probably because I’m holding her. Period.” 

Sage’s Instagram is set to private—so make of that what you will—but Jordin has had no issue sharing her new love all over social media. Peep the cutesy pics:

A photo posted by Jordin Sparks (@jordinsparks) on

Go on, Jordin! The singer/actress had a very public breakup after three years with singer Jason Derulo.  She accused him of buying her a leased car—which he refuted-- among other relationship fails, so it’s good to see her happy and moving on! 

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