A School Has Outlawed Dating To Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Talk about taking a drastic approach.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Teen pregnancies have long been a source of stress for school officials, but one institution in the Philippines is taking efforts to prevent them a little too far.

ABS-CBN reports that the Golden Heritage Polytechnic College in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, has implemented a drastic policy forbidding students to have any sort of romantic relationships with peers of the opposite sex.

The "true love waits" policy was created in an effort to prevent teenage pregnancies among enrolled students.

School officials are feeling it so much that they made sure it's the first thing that greets you upon entering the school: "Love affair will surely destroy the life of a young lady student therefore this institution prohibit intimate relationship between a male & female students" is blazoned on a huge banner right outside.

As if having it on a billboard outside the school wasn't enough, the policy is also printed - word for word - on the teacher's uniforms. And don't think they're kidding around about this either: six students were expelled last year for breaking the rule.

[Photo: Twitter]



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