A Twitter War Erupted About Nelly's Influence On Drake And Everyone Lost It

Did Nelly birth Drake?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Twitter loves to argue about everything. Yesterday, music fans and critics jumped into a strange social media war over Nelly's influence on Drake. With similar commercial success, mainstream appeal, and a sing-song style-- did Nelly birth Drake?

As XXL points out, many argued about whether Nelly’s success in the 2000's created a career path for Drake. "The pro-Nelly side argued that it clearly did while the pro-Drake crowd downplayed the impact on Drizzy’s career," the site explains. Then there's the question over who was more successful. On one hand, the St. Louis rapper had an album, Country Grammar, which was certified diamond. Pretty impressive. Drake’s team argued that albums don't sell ten million copies anymore and the Canadian has more hit songs overall. Valid point.

Here's how fans chimed in:


What do you think?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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