A Woman Asked "What Do You Do?" On A Dating App, And The Dude Went Ballistic

The dating app intervened and gave the guy the boot. 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Swipe left on sexism. When a woman on Bumble asked a man about what he did for a living, he responded with a major cyber temper tantrum. The dating app is publicly defending the woman for her actions.

The Bumble interchange between Ashley and the guy named Connor was documented by Ashley's friend on Finding Cupid. It began when Ashley asked: "What do you do?" Innocent enough, right? Connor went ballistic and sent several long messages--per Huffington Post- in which he calls her a "golddigging whore," "neo liberal Beyonce" and accuses her of "prying" into his career and "money/earning potential."

Bumble admins eventually blocked Connor from the app. Bumble Founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe tells The Huffington Post that the exchange is upsetting. “It upset all of us personally, and as a group,” Wolfe said. “We’re all so passionate about what we’re doing. Nothing is more important than changing the way people treat each other.” 

Bumble is meant to be a safe space for women dating. Unlike many apps, women select who they communicate with--and make the first move--so they can avoid trolls like this.

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