Aaliyah's Music Just Mysteriously Appeared On iTunes...And It's Shady Business

Snag them now before they disappears again.

By Eric Shorey

Aaliyah passed away over 15 years ago, but her spirit continues to haunt both the music and fashion industries. Despite her ubiquity, Babygirl's tracks have been difficult to obtain. Now, the hip-hop goddess will finally be a bit easier to find: her Ultimate compilation is currently available on iTunes.

Previously, only Aaliyah's scandalous album Age Ain't Nothing But A Number had been available on streaming services due to a complicated rights situation detailed by Complex. Turns out, Aaliyah's stubborn and somewhat shady uncle (who was also formerly her manager and executive producer) Barry Hankerson owns the majority of Aaliyah’s masters (with the exception of her previously mentioned 1994 masterpiece) and was refusing to part with his exclusive control of them. 

Although Ultimate contains some of Aaliyah's most notorious tracks, the legend's other full-length albums remain increasingly difficult to find. Music sites like The Fader and Pitchfork are recommending people snag their digital versions of the newly available Best Of album now before it too disappears from the Internet due to legal battles over the ownership of the songs.

Either way, let's all enjoy Aailyah's "Are You That Somebody," one of the highest achievements of Western civilization, together right now:

[Photo: Getty Images]

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