Aaron Carter Was Attacked Onstage After Allegedly Making A Racial Comment

And now he's defending himself on Twitter.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Aaron Carter got into some serious sh*t over the weekend, guys.

The singer — arguably known best for his middle school-era bop, "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" — was performing in Bradley, Illinois over the weekend when he was attacked on stage for making a questionable comment.

According to TMZ, the trouble started when a member of the opening act, a group called ILL State, started playing around, grabbing phones and trying to shoot video while Aaron was trying to perform. He asked security to remove the musician — a Hispanic man — from the venue, and while he was being removed from the bar, Aaron reportedly remarked, "Bye, Felipe." (It's a racial twist on "Bye, Felicia," obvs.)

The man, Haze Carbajal, was taken out of the bar but came back and attacked Aaron on stage for his comment, and he bloodied Aaron up enough that he had to got to the hospital. A computer and speaker were also damaged during the chaos, and police are currently investigating. TMZ posted the video, which you can check out below.

A day after the incident, Aaron took to Twitter to defend himself against accusations of racism, referencing as proof his close relationship with his manager who's "100% Mexican" and is basically his "adopted mom," and one of his ex-girlfriends, who's "3rd generation Mexican." Carter shared that he learned Spanish so he could talk to the girl's parents in their native language.

"See for yourself. Y'all ain't gonna paint a picture about me that's not true ANYMORE. EVERYONE tries regardless the topic or subject," he wrote.

He also called Carbajal out for using a racial slur on his Facebook page a few years back, and updated fans on his condition. 

Honestly, no one "won" in this situation. Casually using racial slurs that have been used to demean other groups is unacceptable (looking at you, Haze Carbajal). Also unnacceptable? Calling a Latino person "Felipe," and that doesn't change just because Aaron has had amicable relationships with other Latino folks in the past. Meanwhile, Carbajal wants Carter to apologize for being disrespectful, and he's not letting up. You can check out video of that too, below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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