Actually, 50 Cent Is Not Broke

He still has more money than you will ever make in your entire life.

By Eric Shorey

Let's not lose our perspective here. Rumors about 50 Cent's finances have been flying around for months now, but the dude's still a millionaire.

Here's the deal: according to TMZ, "[50's] bank booty totals $7.4 million. Add to that his real property holdings of around $8.8 million and his total assets are just north of $16 million." That's a whole lot of money. That is more money than most of us will ever make in our lives. That is more money than most families will ever make in their collective lives.

With that in mind, it is certainly astonishing to think about how only nine years ago Cent had sold his stake in Vitaminwater for around $100 million dollars -- and that's on top of the money he made from video game franchises, licensed products, and album sales.

TMZ went as far as calling the rapper's financial situation "rich man's" bankruptcy, catalyzed by a court case from last year in which "a jury awarded [Rick Ross's baby mama] Lavonia Leviston the $5 mil after determining [that 50 Cent had] intentionally leaked a sex tape in which she was featured, in order to embarrass Ross." Adding insult to injury, the decision came after a different "jury socked him with a $17.2 million judgment over ripping off a headphones design."

In summary: dude had a lot of money, now he has a lot less money (but still a whole lot of money). If you were rooting for his downfall, sorry. 

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