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Adidas Slams Blac Chyna: "She Has Never Been On Our Radar"

Yesterday, it was reported that Blac Chyna was negotiating a deal with the giant company.

Well, this is just awkward. Remember when news started to spread that Blac Chyna had a $250k two-shoe deal with Adidas on the table, but Chyna wasn't happy with the amount of money offered?

Yeah, apparently that was just a rumor gone wild. Sources close to the company slammed that idea - and hard. The sources told TMZ that the stories are "one trillion percent false," adding that "She has never been on our radar."

Harsh. Chyna's lawyer, Walter Mosley, was asked by TMZ to comment on this recent development, and responded, "I have absolutely no comment."

Guess fans will have to wait a little longer for that Blac Chyna shoe line then, huh?

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