Afropunk Issues Statement On M.I.A. Controversy, Azealia Banks Weighs In

“Let’s love and struggle along with one another — and turn up on the system.”

By Eric Shorey

The politics behind M.I.A.'s statements on the #BlackLivesMatter movement are complex and multifaceted, and it's looking like the people behind the first Afropunk festival in the UK are taking these nuances very seriously. In a new official statement released by the underground music organization, Afropunk ultimately expresses support for M.I.A. and affirms that she will remain as their headliner for the upcoming music showcase. Here's the statement:

Emphasizing the importance of intersectionality, global perspectives, and the free exchange of ideas, Afropunk encourages continued conversation and dialogue about these issues in the future.

M.I.A. previously stated that she was planning on dropping out of the festival after receiving considerable backlash for her opinions, although reports conflicted as to whether that was actually going to happen. This Afropunk statement seems to have resolved the issue.
Meanwhile, not to be outdone by another star's controversy, Azealia Banks weighed in on the issue with an attention grabbing Instagram post:

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