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After Having His Car Repossessed, Kylie Bought Tyga A Brand New One

There's no arguing with a teenager in love.

Tyga has got money problems. He literally owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to a past landlord, a case he recently settled when he didn’t show up for the appointed court date. He was also taken to court over past-due money to his jeweler. And while he was shopping for a new car, the Ferrari he drove there got repo’d. Why is this young man not ruined?

The main reason seems to be that he somehow keeps sucking Kylie Jenner back into his life, and she has money on tap. This girl actually has got more going on than being someone’s sugar mama. Unfortunately, Kylie doesn’t have the life experience to know you don’t throw good money after bad. In a story on Snapchat Wednesday, she revealed a big surprise for her boyfriend—a new car!


If there’s one thing Tyga does not need, it’s a new Bentley. Celebrities have too many cars, and the dude can get around in a Toyota. You want to help this guy? Pay for financial management classes.


Kylie’s gonna do what Kylie’s gonna do, and at least this is a car that only she can take away from him. He did give her one for her birthday. They just keep trading cars back and forth like chewed gum.

You can't talk sense into a teenager in love, especially when she's a multi-millionaire.

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