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After Her US Open Win, Serena Williams Made This Sweet Gesture For Venus

Plus, 5 times the Williams sisters were the embodiment of sisterly love.

Sibling rivalry is too real. It can't be easy when you and your sister are two of the most talented tennis players in the game, but Serena and Venus Williams always put their relationship with each other over competition. After her US Open win against Venus earlier this week, Serena posted the sweetest tribute to her relationship with her sister on Instagram: a photo collage full of sisterly love. 


The post features pics of Serena and Venus together as children and as adults, with the sweet caption "She has my heart. Memories make my heart filled with more joy than I can express. A lifetime with @venuswilliams will not be enough." Check it out below.

Serena and Venus are living proof that success may be important, but not as important as family. Here are 5 other times the Williams sisters showed nothing but love for each other.

1. Their Post-Game Hugs

No matter the outcome of the match, Serena and Venus end it the same way: by showing love and respect for each other with a sweet post-game hug.

2. Taking Style Cues From Each Other


How much do you love it when they coordinate their outfits?

3. This Photo Shoot

Venus posted this fab pic of her and her sister on Insta, with the caption "Sisters forever." After all, sisters who slay together, stay together.

4. Cute Instagram Vids

This video of the two of them making faces and being silly during practice is too adorable.

5. This Youtube Clip

After Venus made a mistake on the court, both sisters shared a good laugh together. It's so refreshing to see that, despite the level of skill they've reached, neither Serena nor Venus take themselves too seriously and still know how to have fun on the court.

Need more sisterly love in your life? Watch a Sneak Peek for the next episode of 'It Takes A Sister,' airing Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c!

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