Airline Passenger Forced To Change Out Of Shorts That Were "Too Revealing"

She had to cover up with hideous board shorts.

By Eric Shorey

Flying on a plane is like being enclosed in some kind of skyward hell and the last thing anyone needs is to be told what to wear as they careen full-speed into the sunset with a bag of peanuts. Unfortunately, this is precisely the position one airline passenger found herself in after the pilot decided that her short shorts were "too revealing."

Burlesque performer Maggie McMuffin was minding her own damn business and attempting to fly from Seattle to Boston when JetBlue employees informed her of the pilot's unwarranted conservativeness, demanding that she either rebook her flight or find something else to wear fast.

McMuffin acquiesced and found a lovely pair of absolutely hideous flower board shorts so that she could make her flight. She talked about the experience on social media, garnering considerable attention over the sartorial snafu.

Homegirl managed to make both the original outfit and its revised, modest version work pretty well, but that's besides the point. Maybe airline pilots shouldn't be given the authority to police people's (usually women's) bodies and clothing?

According to Perez Hilton, once the news story started gaining popularity, JetBlue apologized for the inconvenience and refunded Maggie $222. 

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