Alleged Rapist Ian Connor Threatens A Woman Online & Gets The Most Badass Clapback Of His Life

Safe to say he wasn't expecting that response.

By Jazzi Johnson

If you recall (like I recall), Ian Connor hasn't had the best year. At the top of 2016, he was accused of raping several young women, and less than a month ago he was caught on tape fighting A$AP Mob -- damn near all of them! -- (plus a few others) supposedly over these rape allegations, though that was never confirmed.

Well, it looks like he hasn't been seeking any legal counsel, because he wound up on Twitter threatening a woman for speaking about his suspect rapist ways.

It started like this: @daniellasbroke, also known as Daniella or Pebbles according to her Twitter account, basically tweets her thoughts on pop culture events (like the rest of us):

She commented the following atop one of Ian Connor's tweets, calling the "Kim K/Taylor Swift Nonsense" a "Distraction.":

Exactly 20 minutes later, this tweet came through: "Ian Connor is in my DMs like a goddam psycho threatening to find me and get revenge over a tweet. Imagine being that insecure."

Then, in Kim K fashion, she delivered the receipts:

In the exchange, Ian Connor writes in a private message, "I.P. Address [aren't] hard to track since you wanna show off for Twitter. Screenshot this for your followers or whoever but I mean what I say." Daniella then replied, "Catch me? I'll give you my address. I'm not afraid of you." Connor took it to an even darker place when he wrote: "Send it.

That's when Daniella goes ham.

"My building has cameras and security, I have renters insurance and I own a gun," she replied. "You want to rob and rape me too? Come f*cking try it."

Connor then says "on his soul" that he will track her location because "calling me a rapist is disrespectful and I will show you what disrespect gets you." 

Daniella reiterated that she is not afraid, citing the fact that she has cancer and "NOTHING to lose" as the reason. "You have no soul you victimize women. You're scum. I'll pray for you tonight," she wrote, presumably ending the conversation. 

Following the reveal of the screenshots, Daniella received both support and criticism-- some even accusing her of falsely stating she has cancer for sympathy. She insists it's all true, and even gained support from Theophilus London-- the artist who made headlines last month for calling Ian Connor out for being a rapist and fighting him in front of a crowded store in Paris.

Theo even brought up Ian Connors' mother, stating "I just don't get it. How do u hate women so much in life & on social media when your mom is a beautiful strong woman," alongside a photo of himself with her and Ian's reply underneath.

Messy, messy, messy.

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