Amber Rose Admits That She Has The Hots For Ronda Rousey

Amber: "I have lesbianic feelings for Ronda."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
Amber Rose is the queen of keeping it real. Whether it's speaking out against slut-shaming or defending herself against the Kardashians, Amber never holds her tongue and isn't afraid to let her true feelings be known - even those of the romantic variety.
TMZ caught up with Amber yesterday and when the former UFC champ was brought up, Amber referred to her as her "baby" and wasted no time in confessing her feelings, saying "I have lesbianic feelings for Ronda." When the reporter asked if Ronda knew, Amber replied that "she knows now."
Unfortunately for Amber, Ronda has a boyfriend, but that's certainly one way to make an impression. Check out the video below.
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