Amber Rose And 21 Savage Are Instagram Official

They're already in the 'meet the parents' stage of their relationship and 21 Savage has even met Amber's son.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It may seem like Amber Rose and 21 Savage just started dating, like, yesterday, but according to sources close to the couple, things have already started getting serious between them — so serious, in fact, that they've already been bonding with each other's families, and let's not even mention the social media PDA.

TMZ reports that Amber and Savage have been together "every day and night" for the last two weeks. Rose has met Savage's mom and cousins, while he's been spending time with her mom and the rest of her family. Amber's new rapper bae has even "bonded" with Sebastian, the 4-year-old son son Rose shares with her ex Wiz Khalifa.

As for the age gap between them? Even though Rose is 33 and Savage is 24, they aren't concerned about the gap; Amber reportedly thinks it's "irrelevant" and a "double standard," since there was an age gap between her and Kanye West back when they were a thing.

She's not wrong there. Are you a fan of the new couple? Amber is definitely into this guy. Just take a look at some of their social media PDA in the video below.

Thugs need Love too 😍

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Savage defended his affectionate nature on Twitter yesterday, writing, "N*ggas really think a man expressing his feelings to a girl is soft but yall will tell da n*gga who gone snitch on you u love him everyday."

Check it out below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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